Saturday, May 1, 2010

My cousin is planning of starting a small business here in our place aand she told me to help her. The first thing which came to my mind is to determine first whether (or not) we get a small business loan. My mom, who is kind of expert when it comes to putting-up business, advised us to research first for some banks here in our area. She told me right after we chose the right bank, we better set up a meeting with the bank manager to discuss our business start up getting a small business loan. Well, I guess she’s right. Oh my, starting a business is no joke. You must first need a business plan for it to work right, you need to apply for small business loans to finance those charges, and many more. We just have to ask mom’s help. I think we can’t really do this on our own.  LOL. There are some things which we can’t fully understand, small business financing, business line of credit, personal loans, stuffs like these. My mom is our mentor, consultant, etc. when it comes to business matters so I believe she can help us with this. Now, maybe we’ll just have to get a business loan first then the rest will eventually follow. Good luck to us!


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